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Review: CubbyKit

Post updated 7th November 2012. Unfortunately CubbyKit are no longer in business. Please see their Facebook page for the latest updates.

When I saw that CubbyKit were asking on Twitter for bloggers to review their products, I was very interested. Regular readers of my blog will know that I love to write about the arts and crafts that I get up to with my son, and I thought that the concept of the CubbyKit sounded fantastic. Basically a CubbyKit is a box which arrives monthly in the post addressed to your child and contains three themed and age-appropriate craft activities as well as a selection of other crafty bits and pieces. The themes in the kit are also supplemented by extra activity suggestions on the CubbyKit blog.

We received the CubbyKit which is aimed at children aged 3-4. There is also a box for older children aged 5-6. This month's kit was all about space. Harry was really excited when the box arrived, especially as it was addressed to him, and he couldn't wait to see what was inside. I had to hold him back while I went through to check what was inside and sort out the bits and pieces for each activity. In the order in which we tried them, the three activities were:

3D Rocket Picture

This activity was easily Harry's favourite. Essentially two cardboard rocket templates to decorate and some black paper and glitter to make a suitable background to stick them on to. Plenty of glue and glitter meant that Harry was very happy. 

CubbyKit 3D Rocket Picture
Mushy Martians

The kit contained all the ingredients to make your own playdough martians and a few bits to decorate your creation. Harry enjoyed this activity, but I wasn't so sure about it. The ingredients were supplied in containers which had a tendency to leak. The instructions stated to add a cup of water but I added just a little at a time and I felt that you didn't need nearly as much as a cup. I also had to add a lot of extra food colouring to make the dough green, and I thought that there could have been a few more things to decorate the playdough with.

CubbyKit Mushy Martians
Constellations Wall Chart

Harry is only just 3, and I was probably right in thinking that this activity would go way above his head, but that didn't mean that he didn't enjoy it. I think that we were missing the instructions, but it was easy enough to work out. The idea is to join up the numbered stars to outline the constellations, and although I had to do this for him, he was interested to watch me and understood what I was doing. Then we got out the glue again to stick them onto the background and decorate. Harry loved the stickers and the tube of glitter glue, and it looked really good once he'd finished it. I'll be holding on to it for when he's older, and next time we're out at night I'll point out the stars to him and remind him of the chart.

CubbyKit Constellations Wall Chart

The kit also included a few extra craft materials. There wasn't a lot, but with the left over glue and glitter you could come up with some new activities or embellish the ones that you've already created.

I think that the concept for the CubbyKit is great. I loved that absolutely everything for the activities was included - even scissors and a glue spreader. Harry enjoyed seeing what was inside the box and trying out some activities which were a lot more educational and structured that some of the things that I do with him. I liked the fact that each month the kit will be based around a different topic, which you can build upon in other activities that you do with your child. I also liked the leaflets to accompany each activity which contained interesting facts and suggestions for other activities, for example relevant websites to visit.

I did feel that for the price the kit could have contained a few more of some of the materials for the activities, for example extra stickers for the pictures or more pipe cleaners for the martians. I also thought that the extra materials provided in addition to the materials for the activities were a bit limited.

A monthly subscription to CubbyKit costs £19.99 per month, or £199.99 for the year, giving you two free boxes.

I received a CubbyKit to review


  1. They sound really good but are perhaps a bit on the pricy side. A good Christmas present from a doting but wealthy grandparent?

  2. The kit looks really good. Shame about the price. Loved your honest opinion.

  3. Lovely concept, but the price really did put me off. Great honest opinion :)

  4. Thank you all for your comments!

  5. The instruction book looks cute and the star poster look brilliant: I guess it's cheaper than buying 3 individual kits on the high street, if you're keen on doing projects like this, isn't it? Do you have to pay for delivery?

    1. The instruction booklets are printed to a very high quality and contain a lot of extra interesting information about the topic.

      It may be cheaper to buy a CubbyKit than to buy three individual kits , but I would say that the activities in the CubbyKit are not as comprehensive as an individual kit, and each activity took us only probably half an hour at most to complete. I would expect an individual kit to contain a wider variety of activities and materials.

      Delivery is included in the cost of the CubbyKit.

  6. I like that all the materials needed are already included. The price does seem a bit high but I guess when you consider that the idea, materials and instructions are all in there it makes more sense.

    1. Yes absolutely everything is included (well, apart from the saucepan and wooden spoon for making the playdough but that would be a bit much!), even scissors and a glue spreader. I'm not sure if that would be included every month, I assume they would be.

      I did feel that the cost of the box was spread a little unevenly - the instruction leaflets and paperwork were superb quality and printed to a very high standard, whereas there wasn't that much of some of the art materials, for example only a very few stickers for some of the activities.


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