Monday, 9 April 2012

Three to Read - 9th April 2012

Welcome to my Three to Read for this week! If this is the first time that you've seen me mention it, I've decided each week to select three posts that I have enjoyed reading from the previous week and share them with my readers. Normally I intend to select two from my regular reading list and one from a blog new to me this week, but as we've been away, this week they all come from my regular list.

A huge thank you to those that took part last week for not making me feel alone! I'm intending to carry on anyway even if no-one else does, but if you do want to take part then there is a button and linky at the bottom of the post. I really enjoyed reading the posts and blogs that other people picked out, and many of them were new to me.

So here are three picks from my reading this week:

Mama UK - Creating a Nature Play Kit - I love being outside with the little ones, but sometimes it seems such an effort to get everyone ready, coats and shoes on, pushchairs packed and so on. Mama UK has put together some great ideas for a nature play kit which you can keep in the house or in the car, with all sorts of things to make the most of what the outdoors has to offer. Great idea!

Mum's The Word - My Kid is Awesome (post no longer available) - A post about how we should appreciate how great our children are, without feeling like we are boasting. I know that I'm guilty of joining in with the moaning or highlighting the negatives (yes he is generally very well behaved, but he's a rubbish sleeper) and this post is a good reminder to remember how fantastic our children are.

Dilly Tante - Psychocraft. Or Something - Putting psychology into crafting. I particularly like the emroidered diagram of the brain.

Use the code below the image to grab the button and join in:

Jennifer's Little World - Three to Read

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