Monday, 30 April 2012

Three (well, it's four again) to Read - 30th April 2012

Welcome to this week's Three to Read. Before I start, I'll admit that I have cheated again and chosen four posts. I read so many great blog posts and blogs that it's really difficult to choose!

First up is Cupcake Mumma - Adding to Collections. Some gorgeous photographs of vintage postcards and stamps. I collect postcards too, but I mostly limit myself to the free ones that I find in the cinema!

Next a post from Amummysview - Would my disability run in the family? A really informative post about Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip and the signs to watch for.

A post from a blog new to me this week is Jo Beaufoix - Bit part (link no longer available). It brought back fond memories of my first ever job in the local library.

Finally I wanted to include this post bitstobuy - Re-use, re-cycle, up-cycle or just save the world. I can't imagine only being allowed to use a pint jug of hot water to rinse my hair! Also lots of tips on how to recycle and save the earth's resources.

As always, if you have some posts to share, the button is below, remember to add your link to the linky and link back here!


  1. Thank you so much for including me :) Also some new bloggers to check out so thank you xx

    1. You're welcome, I hope you find some new blogs!

  2. Ooh always looking for some different blogs to read so thank you for this :)


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