Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Review: Three books for children

Harry is now at the lovely age when he can sit down quietly while I read him a story, and follow what is going on. I love sitting down with him to read and look at the pictures. I'm starting to realise that although we have lots of baby books, we are somewhat lacking in books that are the next level up. Recently I was given the opportunity to review three books that I feel are pitched perfectly to Harry's age (he's three and a bit) and also older children. They are all recently published, and all were new to me.

The Fearsome Beastie - Giles Paley-Phillips

Harry was so excited to open the package that I didn't read this one through first, and as we got into the story I did wonder if I might regret it. It quickly became clear that the Beastie in the title really was fearsome, and especially enjoyed gobbling up young children! Luckily Harry enjoyed the scary bits, and of course there was a happy ending, although this may not be one to read if you have a child that has any concerns about monsters! The story is written in rhyme, which makes it a pleasure to read aloud, and with a couple of twists to follow in the story and some more challenging words I imagine it would also be suitable for older children reading by themselves.

The Jelly that Wouldn't Wobble - Angela Mitchell

A funny story about a petulant Princess, and her birthday jelly which refuses to wobble. It's the smallest guest that comes up with a solution to the problem which we liked, although I did feel sorry for the poor old jelly at the end! Harry really liked the illustrations in this one, he was especially taken with a picture of the Princess turning bright red with rage!

Grandma Bendy - Izy Penguin

Grandma Bendy is a reformed burglar with extraordinarily bendy arms and legs. The story is simple, and I felt that the illustrations were just as important as the words. The story fascinated Harry and we loved looking at the detailed pictures together. This story can lead on to some important discussion about how you can use the talents that you have to help others.

One thing that I liked about all of these books was that they were a nice size to hold and they all have sturdy pages that will stand up well to plenty of readings.

The books are all published by Maverick and I would fully recommend.

I received the three books to review.


  1. Thank you for the reviews, always good to know what stories the little ones like.

    1. You're welcome, I like writing about books!


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