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Review: Tiny Tigs craft kit

Update September 2013 - please note that these craft kits are no longer available.

As you will know if you are a regular reader of this blog we love doing crafts in this house, so we were very pleased to be offered the opportunity to review a craft subscription kit from Tiny Tigs. Each monthly kit contains three craft ideas, with full instructions and all the materials that are needed to complete them. They are designed for children aged three and above. Harry is nearly three and a half, so he needed help with the activities but an older child (perhaps five plus) could complete them alone or with less help.

My first impression of the kit was good, as we were out and it was neatly packaged to fit through the letterbox. This is what was inside the pack:

Tiny Tigs craft kit contents
Contents of the Tiny Tigs craft kit
I really liked that the activities contained in the pack were seasonal - some spring flowers, crowns to decorate for the Jubilee and bunting for the summer sporting events. They were also each packaged into individual bags, so it was obvious what belonged with each craft. The crafts were:

Union Jack Bunting

We started with the bunting. Harry is getting pretty good with scissors, so I let him cut the six flags out himself (forcing myself to sit back and not interfere!). He actually did a pretty good job, although he didn't really understand about leaving some at the end to fold over, so I had to do a couple of sellotape repair jobs. I had to put them together for him, but they didn't take very long to make, and I think they look really good.

Tiny Tigs craft kit
Cutting out the flags

Royal Crown Decorating

The pack contained two blank crowns to decorate and some bits to decorate with (jewels, pompoms and stars). When I opened the pack I wasn't sure that there was enough inside, but actually there was plenty. I'm never very good with sticking pompoms, so I ended up sticking them with double sided sellotape. We really liked the jewels that were included. There was plenty of glitter to save for future projects (and to hoover up from the floor of course!).

Tiny Tigs craft kit
Ready for a party!

We made one for Mia too, but unfortunately she wasn't keen enough on it to pose for a photo!

Decoration Wall Vase

Finally we made some tissue paper and pipecleaner flowers to hopefully herald in the sunshine! Harry was very excited to be given the scissors again and concentrated on the cutting, so I made the actual flowers, but he was impressed with the final result.

Will it bring some sunshine?!

I liked the fact that the crafts used a variety of different materials and textures, and were seasonally themed. The materials felt as though they were good quality and the instructions were easy to follow with plenty of photographs. I also think that the pricing is realistic, especially considering the rising cost of postage. You need to supply your own glue or sellotape.

I often think that for the money I could just purchase my own materials, but I can see why this sort of kit would be very handy if you don't have the time to come up with activities or simply don't have the space to store all the extra bits that you end up with. Yes, you can buy a massive pack of pompoms fairly cheaply, but if you only need five for your project then you need to store the rest somewhere! Also because they are all so neatly packaged into individual activities you could easily take one round to a grandparent's or a friend's house for a portable craft activity. It would also make a good gift.

A monthly subscription costs £11 (you can cancel anytime), a 6 month gift pack is available for £60 and a 12 month gift pack costs £108. All prices include postage and packing, and each new subscription receives a free PVC painting coat.

SPECIAL OFFER - Until 15th June 2012 the price of a 6 months gift pack is reduced to £39, see website for details.

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  1. When I read your review I thought it sounded like such a great idea. Like you say, yes, you could go out and buy all that stuff but speaking personally I certainly would either forget or not get round to it. The fact that it is delivered to your door ready to go is great. However, when I got to the end of your review and I saw the price I was shocked - for me, despite being a great idea, it's overpriced. Thanks for sharing. x


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