Monday, 7 May 2012

Three to Read - 7th May 2012

Welcome to this week's Three to Read! I've actually managed to keep it to three this week, so here are three blog posts which I have enjoyed reading over the last few days:

Feisty Tapas - Old style bookshops. If I ever started my own business it would be a bookshop.

waterbirthplease - Too Much Stuff! Lovely post about how children really don't need that many toys, just imagination.

And from a blog new to me this week Mymumdom - Soft Toys Want To Take Over My House (post no longer available). I can see us in this position in a few years time!

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  1. I'm with you on having a bookshop. If I won the lottery that's what I'd have. Sod ebooks, I'd sit and read all day!

    1. Well I do like my Kindle but there is something more satisfying about reading and finishing a real book! I can't decide whether I'd prefer to see new books or second hand books though!


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