Monday, 8 October 2012

Three to Read - 8th October 2012

It's Monday so it's time for my Three to Read again! I do hope that you are enjoying the reads that I pick out each week.

Firstly You're Not From Round Here - Learning to let go. My son has been at nursery for a couple of days a week since he was a year old, but I'm still having wobbles about him starting school next year!

Secondly from Parenting on the Front Line - Bedtime stories. What is your opinion? We read Harry a bedtime story, although I must admit that often it's the 'abridged version'. It is nice snuggling down together, but generally at that time of day I'm ready to say goodnight!

Finally, a post which is different from the ones that I usually choose. It's from a big blog, a US blog and it's a review post. But I really loved this post Sew Liberated - Rah-Rah Storytelling all about story telling.



  1. It's a Monday lunchtime and my treat is to sit down and see what blogs you have chose for me to try!I love it! A peaceful 10mins in a busy day x

    1. Oh I am so glad that you enjoy it, thank you for commenting!

  2. Sorry, just seen this. Thanks for including Parenting on the Front Line. :)

  3. I have just found this. Thank you very much for the mention!


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