Saturday, 12 January 2013

Two Book Reviews - No-Bot and Snug as a Bug

I love buying books for the children, but I tend to be stuck in the rut of buying books which I'm either familiar with from my own childhood, or which are older books that I've found in charity shops or the sale shelf at the library. So I'm always very pleased when I receive some new, recently published books to review, because there are some wonderful new picture books for young children out there. Here are two more books that we've been enjoying lately:

No-Bot The Robot with No Bottom! by Sue Hendra

Harry is just at the stage now where he is finding talk about bottoms very amusing, so this story is perfect for him. It's about a robot that loses his bottom on the park swing, and sets off to find it with help from his friends. After finding out that his bottom has been used for all sorts of things - as a nest, a drum kit, to make sandcastles - it looks as though all hope is lost when he spots it being used as a boat to sail away in.

We loved the range of characters in the book, and the simple, colourful illustrations.

Snug as a Bug - Tamsyn Murray and Judi Abbot

We both enjoyed this sweet book about a little boy and his imaginative Mum on a trip to the park. George doesn't want to go out because it's cold and raining, but his Mum assures him that he will be nice and warm, in fact providing a whole host of reasons why he doesn't need to worry about the cold, ranging from being "As hot as three pigs in big purple wigs" to being "Tucked up like nine owls in big fluffy towels"!

Harry thought that this book was hilarious, and the illustrations fit the story perfectly. It's also a great book for teaching counting.

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