Thursday, 14 March 2013

Book review - I got a crocodile by Nicola Killen

I Got a Crocodile is a new picture book, written and illustrated by Nicola Killen. The young child in the story really wants a little brother or sister, but instead they get a crocodile. At first it isn't much fun having a crocodile in the house, and it causes big trouble at dinnertime, bathtime and bedtime. But then the child finds out that a crocodile can also be the perfect friend.

This is a really good book for teaching children about emotions, in particular jealousy and irritation. Life with a crocodile isn't exactly what the young child expected, but it turns out to be exactly what the child needs. I couldn't decide if the child in the story was a boy or a girl, and I liked that because then you can relate it to the child that is listening to the story. 

We really liked the simple illustrations in the book, and how well they conveyed the emotions being experienced by the child.

This would be a really good book to share with a young child that is expecting a younger brother or sister. You can prepare the child by talking about all the things that are going to change when a new sibling appears on the scene, and how although they might at first seem negative and disruptive, in the end the child will learn to love and appreciate the new addition.

We received a copy of the book to review, links are affiliate.

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