Thursday, 3 April 2014

Book review - Guilt-free Girl Desserts

Guilt-Free Girl Desserts is a new book from Parragon, part of the brand new range "The Bonnie Marcus Collection". It's a recipe book full of delicious desserts that are also good for you, or at least not too bad for you! Each recipe comes complete with the nutritional information - calories, fat, sugar and so on - and the recipes are interspersed with helpful tips to keep your weight under control as well as motivational advice.

Guilt free girl desserts book review

I feel that this recipe book is aimed at people who are already a healthy weight and want to stay that way, rather than those who are activity trying to lose weight. There are a good selection of recipes in the book, ranging from smaller snacks to dinner party showstoppers. They aren't just based around healthier fruit or sorbet options, there are also recipes for chocolate cookies, cake and crumble.

Guilt free girl desserts book review

My only reservation with the recipes is that although an individual portion may be low in calories, the portion sizes are very small and it's not always clear what does actually constitute a serving. The recipe for Chewy Chocolate Cookies sounds delicious, and at 79 calories a biscuit not too terrible if you are watching your calorie intake, but the recipe makes 30 and it would require a lot of will power to just stick to one or two!

The photography in the book is particularly beautiful, and all the desserts look very tempting. Many of the recipes would also make lovely gifts if you are going visiting. It's a lovely little recipe book.

I received a copy of this book to review as a Parragon Book Buddy

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