Sunday, 13 April 2014

Review - Nomad ChargeCard and ChargeKey phone chargers

Recently launched in the UK, the Nomad ChargeCard and the Nomad ChargeKey are the world's smallest and most portable USB charging cables. Available as a lightning cable (to charge the iPhone 5/5s/5c, Lightning iPad and iPad Mini) or a Micro USB Cable (to charge many other types of smartphone, including Android and Windows) they are a great way to ensure that you always have a way to keep your devices charged. I was sent a Nomad ChargeCard and a Nomad ChargeKey to review on the blog.

The Nomad ChargeCard is in the shape of a credit card, and is designed to fit easily into your wallet, allowing you to use USB port to charge your phone. It really works best if you can plug it into a laptop, as it will allow your phone to lie neatly on the desk beside you. The centre strip of the card pops out and is very flexible and twists back completely on itself, meaning that you can have your phone resting in many different positions.

Nomad Charge Card Review

It really is very flexible and it's perfect when used in this position, as in the photo above. However it's not so good if you are trying to charge the phone from another type of USB port, for example from a desktop PC or other unit, because it's difficult to get the angle right and it does feel as though it's putting a bit of pressure on the charging socket on the phone as it twists.

But if you are someone that travels a lot and you take a laptop with you, it's a perfect solution to avoid having to take another charging cable along.

Nomad Charge Card Review

The Nomad ChargeKey really is tiny. It fits easily onto a keyring, and it doesn't take up any more space than a standard key. Again it is very soft and flexible, and once again perfectly designed to charge your device from a laptop. I love the convenience of being able to take this charging cable around with you along with your keys, as you'd always have it with you. The cable doesn't have any kind of protective cover, which does make me a little wary, although according to the manufacturers they are engineered to be both scratch and damage-resistant when used on a keyring.

With the ChargeKey you are also pretty much restricted to plugging it into a laptop, as you'd have to leave your phone hanging from most other types of USB port and that's not something that I'd want to risk. But if you generally always have access to a laptop then this type of cable would be perfect for you.

Nomad Charge Key Review

These chargers charged our phones just as quickly as the standard charger. As well as charging your phone, you can also use them to sync data, just like the USB cables that come with your device.

Nomad Charge Key Review

With phone batteries running down so quickly, we are becoming more and more reliant on finding ways to charge our devices. You can almost always find a USB port somewhere to use, whether it's around the home, in the office or in the car or plane. If you find yourself constantly carrying around a charger cable then one of these products would be a great alternative to save yourself a bit of space, and as they are easy to keep on you permanently then you also save the hassle of remembering to pack the charger.

I received a Nomad ChargeCard and a Nomad ChargeKey for the purpose of this review. Amazon links are affiliate. 

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