Saturday, 9 August 2014

Creating a #minimasterpiece with Galt - Van Gogh's Sunflowers

Sunflowers by Van Gogh is one of my favourite paintings. I had a huge poster on my wall when I was growing up, and whenever I've had a desk at work I've had a postcard of the Sunflowers above it. I've seen several versions of the Sunflowers in art galleries around the world, and if I'm ever near the National Gallery in London I try to pop in to visit the most famous version which is on display there.

Galt sent me an outline template of the famous painting and some watercolour paints and brushes so that the children could recreate their own version of the painting for the Galt #minimasterpiece August challenge. Each month Galt is inviting young artists to submit a different Mini Masterpiece for the chance to win a Galt arts and crafts bundle. The competition runs until the end of August.

I dug out my Van Gogh Sunflowers postcard for the children to look at while they worked, and you can find plenty of copies online too for reference. Harry used the watercolour paints for the detail on the sunflowers, and then finished off the background with crayons. I think he made a pretty good effort!

Galt #minimasterpiece August challenge Van Gogh Sunflowers

I received some paints and brushes from Galt to help the children recreate the painting.

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