Thursday, 11 September 2014

Sponsored post - Fairy and the #powerofsoft

September is one of those times of year when I really notice how quickly the children are growing up. It seems like the blink of an eye since we were taking photographs of Harry outside the house in his brand new school uniform, and now I'm waving him off to his second year at school (in a much less organised fashion than last year I must admit!).

Children growing up #powerofsoft

I remember when Harry was tiny, he was always a very early riser. He would usually be up for the day at around 4.45am and would come into bed and lie in between us. I used to try and doze next to him, and as much as I hated being woken up so early, I tried to enjoy the moment, because I knew that there would be a time not so far in the future when I would miss his little body next to mine in bed.

I'm now very much aware that it will be no time at all until Mia starts school, and I really want to slow down and enjoy this last year at home with a pre-schooler. Now that Mia is slowly moving on from the stroppy toddler years there are so many things that we can enjoy doing together. I'm very fortunate to have the chance to stay at home with her, and with Harry being at school we will have plenty of time to spend together and lots of cuddles to enjoy.

Fairy Non Bio have produced a really sweet video highlighting the fact that pre-schoolers are "The Softest They'll Ever Be", and encouraging parents to make the most of this time while you can, with plenty of soft cuddles. I'll warn you, it's a soppy one!

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  1. Make the most of her last year as a pre-schooler, time flies much too quickly


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