Sunday, 12 October 2014

Book review - Dino Supersaurus Boxset

This month as a Parragon Book Buddy we received the brand new Dino Supersaurus Boxset. This boxset is part of the Dino Supersaurus range from Parragon, which also includes sticker and colouring books featuring the Supersaurs that are saving New Dino City from T-Rex and the evil Sinistaurs.

Dino Supersaurus Boxset from Parragon review

The box set comes with five cardboard 3D dinosaurs that you can build to act out your dinosaur games. Each of the four Supersaurs has a super power, and you can transform the models to add their superpower, for example adding flames to their mouth or fixing on a force field. The set also contains the baddy T-Rex so that you can act out dino battles.

The models are made from sturdy cardboard pieces that pop out easily and come with assembly instructions. I must admit that we did find the dinosaurs quite fiddly to put together and they did have a tendency to fall apart, so it's a good idea to have some glue or tape handy to stick them firmly together before going into battle!

Dino Supersaurus box set with models

Also in the set is an activity book which is themed around the dinosaur characters in the set. It tells you the background stories behind the characters and has plenty of related activities.

It's a nice, smaller format size, and so I've put it aside to take with us on our upcoming holiday - it will be the perfect size for the tiny aeroplane tray. It is packed with a good mix of activities including colouring, spot the difference and other simple puzzles.

We received this box set and book to review.


  1. What a great boxset and book. Brilliant idea to keep it for a flight. I'm always looking to ideas to keep Potato entertained on a plane. I think he's a bit young for this at the moment, but I'll definitely keep it in mind for when he's a bit older.

    1. It is a nice little set, yes probably more suited to slightly older children.

  2. I'm glad to hear it wasn't just our household who struggled with the paper folding and keeping the dinosaur bits together! My youngest was so gutted when he'd put one of them together all by himself and the legs fell off, and then the head! With the interchangeable parts (from flying to standing positions) gluing or taping it together stops you being able to use the other option. Have to say although the images and idea are great, I'm not really impressed overall with the product and it's been sitting, unplayed with, on the piano ever since it got assembled. Such a shame.

    1. No, my son wasn't able to put the dinosaurs together himself and myself and my Mum found them very fiddly! Fortunately he wasn't bothered by doing the interchangeable bits so he didn't mind them all being stuck in place (I'm not sure that he really understood the concept to be honest!)


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