Saturday, 10 October 2015

Book review - Stop Those Monsters by Steve Cole

I'm very pleased that Harry has always been interested in books, and he loves reading. I'm aware that boys don't tend to read as much as girls, and while he has been enjoying some of the books that I used to read when I was his age and a little bit older, I'm always keeping my eyes open for new books that might appeal to him in the future. He's now at a stage with his reading where he can read many words confidently but he's perhaps not yet got the fluency or patience to be reading longer chapter books by himself, so he tends to read just simple chapter books to himself and then I read longer chapter books aloud to him.

Stop Those Monsters book by Steve Cole

Recently I was sent a copy of Stop Those Monsters! by Steve Cole to review, and I knew immediately that it was the sort of book that I'd been looking for. It's aimed at children aged 8+ and while Harry is not yet at the level where he can read it by himself, but it's perfect for me to read to him and then for him to discover himself as his reading improves.

It's a story about Bob, who is a human boy stuck in a land of monsters and is trying to escape with the help of three incredible creatures - Verity who looks like a giant hamster, Alfie who's about as scary as a bag of crisps and Zola, a gorgon who can't turn people to stone but can manage to turn them into other strange things.

The book is packed full of illustrations and little cartoons which break up the text and make it less daunting for younger readers. It's a fast moving story with lots of action, the text is really expressive and there is plenty of disgusting humour. We've only just started reading it, but I can tell that Harry is definitely going to enjoy it.

I received a copy of this book to review, Amazon link is affiliate.

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