Saturday, 7 November 2015

Review - Metal Puzzles from Parragon

As a Parragon Book Buddy, this month I was sent a new activity book to review - the Professor Murphy Metal Puzzle Set. The set contains six different metal puzzles as well as a small activity book which contains many other brain teasers and riddles to solve.

Professor Murphy's Metal Puzzles set

The six metal puzzles are variously shaped metal rings which are linked together, and you need to work out how to separate them. At the first glance it appears completely impossible, but there is a fairly simple way to solve each puzzle and the solution is included inside.

Metal puzzles set

I must admit that I personally find these type of puzzles quite frustrating as I don't like not being able to work them out and I can never get my head around the instructions! But Harry was very interested in them, particularly because when he first saw them he couldn't see that the rings could ever come apart, and he found it fascinating when I showed him how they work.  I know that there are plenty of people that they do appeal to and this set would make a great stocking filler. With six in the pack, that's plenty to hand around the group for a bit of relaxation after your Christmas dinner and see who can work them out!

I received the puzzles as a Parragon Book Buddy in exchange for a review, Amazon link is affiliate.

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  1. I get frustrated with these too. Nice to have a book with how to do puzzles in - I like having the answers!


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