Tuesday, 3 May 2016

Review - Gluing and sticking with new Pritt products

Recently we received a lovely selection of classic and new products from Pritt to try out. We started with the familiar Pritt glue stick, a crafting staple in this house, and as always I turned to Twinkl for some gluing activity sheets.

Pritt Stick and Twinkl printouts

I started Harry off with the Minibeast Classification Game (Premium resource) which he loved. He had to cut out the pictures of minibeasts and follow a flow chart to work out where they should be glued. Mia tried out the Flower Pot Counting Cut and Stick Activity (Premium resource) and had to match the flower pictures to the correctly numbered flowerpot. She also enjoyed the Spring Themed Cut and Stick Number Ordering Sheets (Premium resource), both fantastic for her as she sometimes has a bit of trouble with number recognition. The great thing about Pritt Sticks is that they dry almost instantly, glue things together firmly, and there is no mess.

Children gluing with Pritt Sticks

I loved the look of these new green and pink liquid glues from Pritt. They dry the same colour as the glue and come in a nice squeezy bottle which is easy for little ones to use.

Pritt Stick coloured liquid glue

Mia loves anything pink, so I enticed her with some pink crafting. I painted some blank wooden shapes for her, then gave her the glue and a selection of pink beads, buttons, sequins and glitter to decorate with. She was able to apply the glue easily in a thick coating, and had a great time adding her decorations. The glue stuck them all down firmly and dried to a bright pink as promised. I was really impressed with how well the bits and pieces are stuck down, I'm even confident enough to trust her to use the keyring on her school bookbag where it gets a lot of battering about!

Crafting with Pritt pink coloured liquid glue

We also received some new Pritt products - Pritt glitter glue sticks in red and yellow. The glue dries that colour and contains small pieces of glitter. I tried out the yellow on some plain paper and was pleased to see that it dries to a lovely bright shade, it would be a fab way to enhance crafty projects.

Pritt yellow glue with glitter

The Magic Pritt stick is another favourite in this house, it is blue when applied but dries transparent so that you can see where you are applying the glue, very handy.

Pritt Stick glitter glue

We also received some Pritt Glue Dots and Pritt Glue Pens which I'm looking forward to using as part of my own crafting, I've used the Glue Dots before and I love that they can stick instantly with no mess, and from experience offer a strong adhesive. These products are a very welcome addition to our craft supplies!

Pritt glue products

I was sent a selection of Pritt products in exchange for this review. I am also a Twinkl blogger and have a Premium subscription.

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