Friday, 24 June 2016

Baker Ross crafts for summer

Summer is on the way, and Baker Ross have some lovely items in their summer crafting range. We were sent a few bits and pieces to try out, and like usual we've been having lots of fun.

We started with some Seaside Sand Art Pictures. This craft has the potential to get quite messy, but the older the child the more you are able to keep it under control. The pictures are printed onto sticky paper, and you can remove individual sections of the design one at a time. So you remove one area, sprinkle on the sand, press it about a bit and then tap off the excess sand to reveal a nice, sharply defined, sandy area. As long as you've covered an area thoroughly, sand of a different colour won't stick to it when you move on to the next area. And once stuck, the sand doesn't come off, so it doesn't create more mess once you've finished.

Baker Ross sand art craft

We used Glitter sand 30g bags (12 bags for £3.49) which come in lovely bright, vibrant colours with plenty of glitter. The sand does come in little bags which can be a bit fiddly, Baker Ross also sell coloured sand in shaker pots which we tried last year, and these were easier and less messy to use. There was plenty of sand in the packs and definitely enough to complete all the pictures, even with a bit of wastage.

We all completed a picture, and Harry absolutely loved it and went on to do a couple more by himself, he was surprisingly tidy and I think that the finished work looks amazing.

Baker Ross summer sand art kits

Next, with the summer holidays coming up, the children wanted to make some keepsake gifts for their friends. First they made some Dinosaur Wooden Photo Frames (5 for £3.75). The wooden frames were decorated with felt tip pens and then they chose pictures to go inside that I printed out for them. Harry wanted a picture of him with one of his friends and Mia typically chose princesses!

Baker Ross wooden dinosaur frames

Then Mia made some Sealife Spiral Notebook Kits (4 for £3.49) which will make lovely gifts for some more of her friends. There are four different sea creatures in the set and you just need to stick the foam pieces in the right place to decorate them, or you can adapt the designs to make them more individual. They are really sweet!

Baker Ross sea themed notebook kit

Finally they each made some bracelets for their friends. These Unicorn Charm Bracelet Kits (3 for £3.45) make up into really pretty bracelets and were easy for Mia to make. They are so simple because you just need to thread the beads onto some elastic and then it stretches to fit their wrist, so you don't need to worry too much about the sizing.

Baker Ross unicorn charm bracelet

These Paracord Bracelet Kits (6 for £3.95) were a little more complicated to work out and I'm not sure that I've got it entirely correct. They look nice and are a lovely gift idea but I'm going to be putting the kits aside until the children are a bit older!

Baker Ross cord bracelet

Another lovely selection of summer crafts!

I received these craft materials as a Baker Ross blogger, prices were correct at time of writing.


  1. Ohh it's all fabulous isn't it, but I think the notebooks are my favourite, the little ones did well :D

    1. The notebooks are very sweet, lovely bright colours and cute sea creatures!


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