Sunday, 17 July 2016

#ReadAlong with YouTube Kids

The summer holidays have now very nearly begun, and I'm looking forward to six weeks of no school runs, no packed lunches, long sunny days and lie-ins! Well, maybe I'm being a bit optimistic about the last two, but at least things should be a little more relaxed, especially now that the children are that bit older and hopefully not quite as difficult to entertain as they used to be!

Although I have lots of fun activities planned, I'm keen to make sure that the children don't fall too far behind academically, especially as they are starting a new school in September and I want them to make a good impression! So in particular I'm going to be making sure that they at least keep up with some daily reading. Harry continues to read well for his age and he reads a wide variety of books to himself now. Mia has made fantastic progress this year and in the last few months her reading has really come on.

Over the summer, YouTube Kids are running a 30 Day Reading Challenge and they are showcasing reading related videos to encourage children to get reading. It might seem a bit strange to be promoting videos to help with reading instead of actual books, but the idea behind it is to bring stories to life, particularly through the use of kinetic typography and animation videos. For example, this video The Story of Seeds is aimed at younger readers, and uses animation to bring the story behind the words to life, great for children that are just starting out with reading.

Simon and Schuster Children's Publishing also has a brilliant channel on YouTube - you can find it here SimonKIDS - where you can find book trailers and author interviews along with fun and educational videos. Harry was sent a copy of The Explosive Story of Fireworks! (affiliate link) which is a really fun book and comes with an accompanying video that brings the pictures in the book to life, to his great delight!

I'm going to be encouraging the children to take part in the 30 Day Challenge by using this fun checklist, letting them choose a different one each day, and I think they are going to have a lot of fun working through the list!

YouTube reading challenge list

YouTube Kids is a free app which makes the YouTube experience safer and more accessible for young children - you can download the YouTube Kids app here.

YouTube reading challenge

We received a bundle of goodies from YouTube Kids in exchange for this post.

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