Thursday 7 February 2013

Easy Valentine's Day collage bunting

Decorating for different celebrations is a really good way to get children involved, and this bunting is so easy that as long as a child can hold a glue spreader they can join in.

Simple toddler heart bunting for Valentine's Day

First you need to cut some heart shapes from red and pink cardboard. I drew a heart free hand, but an easy way to make a heart is to use the shapes from Microsoft Word or similar and print them out. Then collect together an assortment of appropriate collage materials in red and pink - scraps of tissue paper, paper napkins, bits of lace or ribbon, coloured paper, sequins and so on.

Let the children decorate the hearts with plenty of glue. Then when they are dry string them together with some coloured ribbon or string, hang up and enjoy!

Simple toddler heart bunting for Valentine's Day

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  1. This is lovely and so easy I can do this with my toddler. Pinned!

  2. The look adorable.

    Thanks for sharing on Kids Get Crafty.



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