Tuesday 1 November 2016

Instawrap - Wrap your gifts without the need for sticky tape!

Today on the blog I'm introducing Instawrap wrapping paper. This fantastic new wrapping paper is self-adhesive, meaning all that you need to do is moisten the paper to make it sticky, then press together. It is adhesive on both sides, meaning that you can lick and stick anywhere on either side of the paper. Instawrap is made in the UK and is 100% recyclable.

Instawrap review - wrapping gifts without tape

The wrapping paper launches this Christmas in four festive designs. The designs revolve around the Scandi Christmas theme in red, white and gold. Because the designs coordinate with and complement each other, all your gifts will look great together.

Instawrap review - wrapping gifts without tape

On the reverse side of the paper you will find gridlines for easy cutting as well as two template bows which you can cut out to attach to your gifts.

Instawrap review - wrapping gifts without tape

You can see the simple bow that I made using the template on the top of the parcel, and next to it a more complicated bow that I was easily able to make using the sticky paper, much easier than trying to use glue or staples.

Instawrap review - wrapping gifts without tape

It's much quicker to wrap gifts with this paper because you don't need to worry about cutting pieces of sticky tape, and you can hold down the edges with both hands to stick without worrying about them coming apart. The paper is strong and good quality, but I was easily able to stick the thicker corners of paper together without them coming unstuck. Once you have dampened the paper it is very sticky, and dries quickly once the two pieces are pressed together. It leaves your parcels with a nice neat and tidy finish, no odd bits of dirty tape, and the adhesive surface has no taste at all.

For a quick demo of the wrapping paper in action, have a look at this video:

I love that you can also use the sticky surface of the paper to attach things like gift tags or cards, or perhaps drawings that your children have done.

I even discovered that Instawrap was perfect for my favourite Christmas wrapping paper craft - making paper chains! The squares on the back were just the right width for cutting out strips, and the chains were so easy to put together that even a very small child could help, much better than getting frustrated with little bits of tape.

Instawrap review - wrapping gifts without tape

Any odd scraps of paper left over can be given to children to use in Christmas collages or for other Christmas crafting. What a fab product!

Instawrap review - wrapping gifts without tape

This post was written in collaboration with Instawrap.

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  1. I love the idea of this as I always lose my sellotape. It is a bit on the expensive side though.


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