Friday 24 December 2021

The things that make my Christmas

My Christmas is:

Family. Visiting our family when we can, and spending time together just the four of us when we are all at home without any commitments.

A Christmas tree and fairy lights. We seem to put our tree up earlier every year but I love having it there in the living room, along with festive garlands in the hallway. As soon as I've wrapped a present I place it underneath. 

Decorating a Christmas tree
Photo credit Element5 Digital via Unsplash

Advent calendars. I treated myself to a Lindt one this year!

A big box of chocolates (or two, or three...) We tend to go for the Cadbury Heroes or Celebrations. 

Gingerbread houses. I must confess that we haven't managed to make ours this year yet as we have been away, so this year I think it will be a post-Christmas gingerbread house!

Two gingerbread houses decorated by children

Christmas television. We don't watch much live television and Christmas is the only time of year that we buy a physical television guide to leaf through. I like watching the classics (The Snowman!) as well as any new adaptations, I'm planning on watching Around The World in 80 Days. Also lots of favourite Christmas films!

The Elf on the Shelf. Yes the Elf still visits us and is now an important part of our Christmas traditions.

Shopping. My family is very easy to buy for at Christmas as well all just share our Amazon wish lists. But there are lots of bargains to be hunted down from Black Friday onwards and of course the sales after Christmas to stock up on wrapping paper, cards, and any reduced chocolate treats.

Food. So much food that we never eat the rest of the year! I'm especially fond of mince pies and crackers with fancy cheese. 

Christmas music. Both traditional carols and Christmas party classics.

Decorated houses. We always try to pop out for a drive to see the houses with the best light displays!

Happy Christmas!

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  1. Aww! How lovely! These things really do make Christmas special. I think for me it's all about family and all of the yummy food.
    Merry Christmas x


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