Friday 16 June 2023

Protecting your car with a PAJ GPS tracker

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Criminals are becoming ever more sophisticated when it comes to car theft, and I'm often reading stories in the news about people that have had their car swiftly stolen from their driveway, especially when it comes to modern keyless cars. 

Luckily there are now equally advanced technological options when it comes to keeping track of your car. A GPS tracker fitted to your vehicle means that you can have peace of mind knowing that if your car were to be stolen then you could easily track and recover it. The presence of a GPS tracker can also be a deterrence, and it will provide valuable information when you report the theft. 

However I can also think of many other situations when a GPS tracker on your vehicle would come in handy.

For example, many times I have arrived somewhere in a hurry, parked the car and rushed off to where I need to be, only to find on my return that I've completely forgotten where I left the car! There have been several occasions when we've been convinced that the car must have been stolen, only to find that we actually parked it in a parallel road.

We often leave our car parked in the care of others, for example airport parking, and the car is driven to a secure parking location while we are away. It's always nice to be able to check that it has been parked where it should be, and that on return it is been returned to the short stay car park for you to collect rather than being miles away off-site!

If you have other people driving your car, for example teenage children, it's useful to be able to track them if they aren't back when they should be. Some models of GPS tracker will allow you to track the journeys taken by the car so you can see where your car has been, also useful if you have been using valet parking. 

Finally having a GPS tracker installed may also mean that you can get a discount on your car insurance, as we discovered recently when getting some quotes.

Car driving down a forested road
Photo credit Adriano Becker via Unsplash

PAJ GPS offer a range of trackers and subscription plans for car trackers, and you can find out more information here - GPS Tracker for Car. You can choose a product which is battery powered or wired directly into the car, and the subscription plan includes coverage in 100 countries. 

Although many new cars do now come fitted with a basic tracking device, a car tracker from PAJ offers many more options to help with the security of your car. For example as well as instant live tracking you can track previous routes taken by the car over the last 365 days. You can also set up a push notification alarm on your phone or an e-mail if your vehicle leaves a designated area.

I think that it's definitely worth investigating adding a GPS tracker to the car, not just as a deterrent against theft but for the peace of mind that it brings knowing that the car is protected and locatable. 

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