Thursday 23 October 2014

Hama beads aren't just for little ones!

I'm sure I must be right in thinking that most people would find it difficult to watch their children playing with Hama beads and not want to join in - as you can probably tell, I have just as much fun playing with them as my children! There is usually a box lying out somewhere in our house, and many times I have found myself ironing things for Mums to take home as well as their visiting children! I couldn't wait until Harry reached the age when I could justify buying some for us all to try out.

We've not had many actual Hama bead sets, instead I buy the boards and beads separately, coming up with my own designs and looking online for inspiration. In particular I really like the larger boards, they are so cleverly laid out so that you can use them in different ways and I love seeing how I can create different designs.

I like the look of finished Hama bead creations (perhaps because it's a similar look to cross stitch) and I do have quite a few projects displayed around the house. So I thought I'd share some of my Hama bead projects which are more suitable for adult crafters.

I was very proud of my Hama bead hair clip holder which is really useful for storage in Mia's bedroom. It was very easy to make, and you could customise it by using all sorts of designs for the top and bottom.

Hama bead hair clip holder

Hama beads can be used to make lovely, unique and cheerful picture frames. I've made Hama bead heart frames and Hama bead Roman mosaic inspired frames, and I've also made freestanding picture frames to frame little pictures that the children have drawn. You can make them in any different colour combination to suit the decor of your room.

Hama bead Roman mosaic frame

My Hama bead hanging heart decoration was designed and made for Valentine's Day, but it is still hanging up in our hallway! I really like it, it makes me smile when I see it! I keep meaning to make the children something similar as decorations for their bedrooms. I really like the idea of one with cars and trucks for a boy's bedroom, or as Harry has a space themed bedroom perhaps planets and rockets. It would also be a nice way to display creations that the child has made themselves.

Hama bead hanging heart decoration

Finally I really love my cheerful Hama bead covered jam jars, I was so pleased with how these turned out. They really brighten up my desk and my head has been filled with possibilities since I discovered how easy it was to make curved Hama bead designs!

Hama bead jam jar covers

All these projects were made using the midi sized Hama beads, which are the size that are most commonly available. I've also been having a lot of fun with the mini Hama beads, which are aimed at ages 10+. They really are tiny, about a quarter of the size of the midi beads, and it's easiest to use tweezers to position them carefully on the boards.

If you are new to mini Hama beads you can see me demonstrating how to use them in this video below.

There are some of my first mini Hama bead projects here and there are more on my Hama beads page. I recently undertook a massive colour sorting operation and I have a few more crafts planned using them which I'll be sharing soon!

Mini Hama bead craft projects

I have a Pinterest board called Hama bead ideas for me which is filled with some lovely projects. It has reassured me that I'm definitely not the only grown up that plays with Hama beads, some of the designs are so intricate and creative and I can't wait to try them!

Follow Jennifer Jain's board Hama bead ideas for me on Pinterest.

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