Hama Beads

Hama beads are a fairly recent discovery in this household, although I've seen them around for years and always suspected that I would like them. Because, yes, they are not just for the children. For the time being most of the Hama bead crafts on my blog are ones that I've created myself, although as my children get older I'm sure that they will be coming up with their own designs and finished projects!

If you are new to Hama beads, you might find my post with tips for ironing Hama beads helpful.

I've written a post all about the ways that we display our finished Hama bead creations, as well as discussing when are children old enough for Hama beads?

I've also discussed why you shouldn't be tempted by cheap, imitation Hama beads, but if you do end up with some I have some ideas for using melted Hama beads that will use them up in several fun ways, like this melted Hama bead bracelet. And remember, Hama beads aren't just for children!

Here are links to all my Hama bead blog posts:

Seasonal Hama bead projects:

Valentine's Day Hama bead crafts round up
Valentine's Day - Hama bead heart frames
Valentine's Day - Hama bead heart hanging decoration
Valentine's Day - Hama bead spinning hearts

Hama bead seasonal designs

Easter - Paper plate and Hama bead Easter Egg decorations
Easter - Hama bead Easter egg coasters
Easter - Mini Hama bead cupcake toppers

Diwali - Large Hama bead Rangoli
Diwali - Small Hama bead Rangoli

Autumn - Hama bead battery candle holders

Halloween Hama bead crafts round up
Halloween - Hama bead haunted house
Halloween - Hama bead witches
Halloween - Hama bead coasters
Halloween - Hama bead napkin rings
Halloween - Hama bead witch tealight display box

Christmas Hama bead crafts round up
Christmas - Hama bead snowflake bunting
Christmas - Hama bead baubles with ribbon
Christmas - 3D Gingerbread House
Christmas - Hama bead forest decoration

Other Hama bead designs:

Hama bead Minecraft keyrings

Hama bead elephants

Hama bead houses
Hama bead fish
Hama bead hair clip holder

Hama bead quilt style picture

Hama bead frames

Mini Hama bead projects

I really love mini Hama beads, they are tiny but a lot of fun to work with and you can create some really intricate projects.

Mini Hama bead projects

Melted Hama bead projects

Three crafts using melted Hama beads
Melted Hama bead bracelet

You can find all the Hama bead projects that I have shared on my blog on my Pinterest board below:

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