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Large Diwali Hama Bead Rangoli designs

In 2019 Diwali will be celebrated on the 27th October.

Large Hama bead rangoli

The other day I blogged about some small Hama bead Rangoli designs that I had created as a Diwali craft for the children. I'm afraid that my growing Hama bead obsession wouldn't let me leave it there, and so I have also made some bigger Hama bead Rangoli patterns, using the larger circular template (221). These are a lot more complex and so are probably better suited to older children or adults who have more dexterity and patience. I found it easiest to assemble them by working from the centre outwards.

As well as being pretty Diwali decorations they would also look good on a Diwali table, either as a centrepiece or as coasters for drinks or plates of food.

How to make Hama bead rangoli for Diwali

Making Diwali Hama bead rangoli

These larger Hama bead designs can take quite a while to make, and you need to be a bit more careful when ironing to make sure that all the beads have melted properly. After taking the photographs I ironed them on the top side too, to make them a bit sturdier. I stuck to the same colours for them both, but it would be easy enough to use different colours, keeping to a bright and cheerful colour scheme. I'm really pleased with them!

Hama bead rangoli design

Hama bead Rangoli for Diwali

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My Hama bead patterns were created using this free online Hama bead designer.

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