Thursday 12 September 2013

Review - PaperShaker Personalised Cards and Invitations

I was recently introduced to PaperShaker. Using the PaperShaker website you can design unique and personalised cards and invitations, using your own photographs that you have uploaded to the site. The cards are then printed and sent out to you. I was given £25 credit to spend on the site so that I could share my experiences with you.

When I first started browsing the site I must admit I was a little overwhelmed with the amount of choice available. But you are easily able to filter down to sort out the options. I knew that I wanted cards with just one photograph for example, and by the time I'd chosen the size and type of card I was left with a more manageable amount to choose from.

I wanted to make some Thank You cards that we could send from the children, with a nice picture of them on the front and space inside for them to write or draw a message. I chose the Little Days card and updated some of the graphics to make it less like a baby card. Every part of the card can be customised - I removed some of the more baby style pictures inside, added a generic "Thank you very much" message and added our address to the back of the card. I also rearranged some of the graphics on the front and added a couple more.

Review - PaperShaker personalised cards and invitations

We never had birth announcement cards for the children, leaving our announcing mainly to Facebook, but I do wonder whether we should have, so I made one up for each of them using PaperShaker. I found designing the cards really easy, there are lots of different elements that you can choose from for each card and when you place the items they snap to fit, so everything is neatly aligned. As well as adding in the relevant birth information you can add as much extra text as you like, and all the graphics can be moved, removed, or replaced with others from the same theme. There are also plenty of designs which allow you to use more than one of your photographs. On the back you can add extra text or more information, or leave space for a handwritten message.

Review - PaperShaker personalised cards and invitations

The website is very much geared towards specific categories - birth announcements, thank you cards, party invitations and wedding cards. But because the cards are so customisable you really can use them for anything by making some changes to a suitable template. I put together a starting school card for Harry, using the Thank You Star design and changing the graphics so that it didn't look like a baby card. On the back it has the name of the school, his class and his teacher, as a little memento. So don't be put off if you are looking for cards for an occasion that is different to those featured.

Review - PaperShaker personalised cards and invitations

The cards arrived the day after I ordered them - fantastic service! I was very pleased with the quality of the cards, they are sturdy and the photographs are printed to very high standard.

This is a paid review


  1. Oh brilliant! This is just what I need for Emily's baptism. Thank you for the discount code. I must get cracking on this :)


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