Thursday 19 September 2013

Review - Cheerin' Minnie Mouse Bowtique toy from Fisher Price

We were recently sent a Cheerin' Minnie to review. The Minnie Mouse Bowtique Cheerin' Minnie is a brand new toy from Fisher Price, aimed at young children aged 2 and over.

Cheerin' Minnie Mouse Bowtique toy from Fisher Price review

We're big Disney fans in this house, and both children love watching Mickey Mouse and friends on television. Mia recognised Minnie Mouse immediately, and was delighted. Cheerin' Minnie is about 36cm tall and freestanding. She is dressed in a polka dot cheerleading outfit and has a pink and white pom pom in each hand. She is activated by pressing a small button on her foot.

When you press the button, Cheerin' Minnie will carry out one of her short singing or dancing routines. According to the box there are at least twelve different sounds, along with three different pom pom positions, some shorter and some longer. It's a bit difficult to describe in words, so here is a video of Cheerin' Minnie in action while the children play with her:

As you can perhaps tell from the video, Minnie does make quite a noise while she's moving about. It's more obvious on the video, but you do definitely notice it while she's playing.

I've also made a video of Cheerin' Minnie running through some of her repertoire:

The children did really love playing with Minnie, and were desperate to keep pressing her foot to see what she did next. She seems very sturdy and I'd be happy to let a toddler play with her and cuddle her. She's also very simple for toddlers to operate, and they will enjoy dancing along with her. She's not even too annoying for grown ups (although we've only owned her for a day, I may change my mind on that one!) It remains to be seen how long she will interest them for, as once you've scrolled through all her phrases and songs a few times there's not much else that she can do.

The RRP for Cheerin' Minnie is around £50. While this is comparable to similar electronic toys on the market, I do feel that for this money you could probably find toys that will have a bit more play value to them. However if you have a little one that loves Minnie, then she will be a big hit. I think that she would also appeal to much younger toddlers and babies if used under supervision, as they are more likely to enjoy sitting and watching her singing. I know that we had similar toys which really calmed down my babies when they were grumpy.

You can buy Minnie Mouse from many large retailers, including Amazon and Smyths Toys.

We received Cheerin' Minnie to review, Amazon links are affiliate links.


  1. This is on the very big Christmas wish list of my daughter but it does look really sweet.

    1. Cheerin' Minnie was new to me, but when Harry saw her he informed me that he had seen her advertised on television and he had really wanted her! She is very sweet, and definitely looks and sounds just like the familiar Minnie Mouse. I was also surprised by how well he took to her, when really she was intended for the two year old.

  2. She looks a bit scary! But the little ones obviously like it.

    1. She is quite big and noisy! But yes, the little ones do love her.


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