Saturday 28 September 2013

Hama bead house designs

If you follow me on any of my various social media channels, you may have noticed my recent Hama bead obsession. Ostensibly bought for the children, I often find myself of an evening positioning beads onto pegs and coming up with my own designs. We have an excellent local craft shop in our village which carries an incredible amount of stock and I have rather got into the habit of stopping by from time to time to pick up a new Hama bead pegboard (it doesn't help that on many days I pass it four times on the way to and from school). I couldn't resist the Hama bead house template.

I assumed that if I looked online I would find loads of inspiration but I couldn't find a great deal so I thought I'd share the houses that I've made using it. They are all made using the Hama Bead House Pegboard, number 306.

Hama bead cottage design

This house was my first attempt, a sort of Hama bead cottage complete with potted plant outside. It's quite a difficult pegboard to get to know, so I was working out the best arrangements for windows and doors.

Hama bead fairy castle house

This fairy house doesn't use the entire template. I was trying for a turret effect, which is something that I'll be trying to improve on for future houses.

Hama bead gingerbread house design

Finally, this is a Hama bead gingerbread style house for Christmas. Fairly simple for the time being, I can see me revisiting this idea for a more blinged up version!

I do have a plan for these houses (and the others that are still yet to be made...) I'm going to create a little Hama bead village somewhere in our house, possibly in Mia's bedroom. We shall see!

Do your children have Hama beads? Do you play with them too? I hope that I'm not the only adult that puts the kids to bed and then gets out their toys!


  1. Brilliant! I need that board (for my daughter, obviously)

    1. It is a great board! It does take a lot of beads though, although not a problem for us as we have 20,000 more in the post on the way to us as I write...

  2. Replies
    1. They are wonderful, I only discovered them recently and I've been loving playing with them!


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