Friday 10 March 2017

Hama bead Easter Egg coasters

Colourful Easter egg coaster craft using Hama beads

I recently purchased a large box of pastel Hama beads (affiliate link). I love the pastel colours of the beads in this tub as they are really bright and cheerful, and a nice contrast to the more solid colours. With Easter approaching I thought I'd start with some Easter themed crafts, and so to begin with I made a set of four Easter Egg Hama bead coasters.

Hama bead Easter coasters for children craft

Each coaster measures 17 x 17 beads, which I found to be a good size for a glass or mug. The Easter Egg itself is a basic design (it's the same one that I used for my Mini Hama bead Easter eggs) with a colourful border.

Hama bead Easter coasters for children craft

I made them using the large Hama bead pegboard. You could use the smaller square board, but it only has 14 pegs so you would end up with a smaller coaster. You would just lose some of the border though, there would still be room for the Easter egg design.

Hama bead Easter coasters for children craft

The coasters are perfect for an Easter party! You could also use them as Easter decorations - perhaps you could stick them up in a grid or a row for an eye catching decoration, or string them up together to make bunting!

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Hama bead Easter coasters for children craft

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