Sunday 12 March 2017

How technology makes it easier to travel with children

A guest post by Ryan Tyson

Travelling with children presents its own set of challenges, from keeping the kids entertained to making sure everyone stays close. While family holidays are a bit trickier than adults-only trips, they’re also extremely rewarding when you introduce your children to new places and share thrilling experiences together as a family. Use these sleek gadgets to help you get to your destination hassle-free so you can enjoy all the perks of family travel without some of the fuss.

Convenient Child Locators Keep Them Close 

Gone are the days of child reins and other restrictive methods for keeping kids close. Today, you can keep tabs on your children hands-free using convenient locators. Most come in the form of a wearable watch or wristband. The locators pair with simple smartphone apps that allow parents to pull up the child’s location at any time. Many have “panic buttons” that children can press to alert parents when they’re lost or frightened.

You’ll find a broad range of added features available with these devices. The Omate Wherecom K3 is a feature-packed smartwatch for kids with entertaining features like music and photo storage. The Filip 2 lets you set up geofences so you’ll receive an alert when your child moves beyond the allowable perimeter. With a handy locator for your child, you’ll never suffer the panic of losing sight of one another in a crowded airport or busy holiday destination.

GPS Keeps You Right On Track 

GPS technology makes it easier than ever to find and reach your destination. This is ideal when you’re travelling with distracting pint-size passengers who make it easy to lose your train of thought. Make sure you’re equipped to make the most of your GPS features for simple, streamlined travel.

Sync your smartphone with your car’s Bluetooth to hear your directions through the car speakers instead of your phone. Pre-programme all your destinations before leaving so you can pull them up with a quick tap of the finger. Plan ahead and include a few rest stops, restaurants, and roadside attractions on your list of destinations for a long road trip, so you can navigate quickly to the right place when the kids get bored or hungry.

Mobile Boarding Passes Are Easier to Find 

You have enough to keep track of when you’re flying with kids without worrying about an envelope full of essential papers that will grant you admission to the plane. Forget about holding onto paper boarding passes for everyone in your party. Mobile passes are the easiest option, particularly for busy parents with small children in tow.

Using a phone like the iPhone 7, you can store your boarding passes in Apple Wallet for fast retrieval when you need them. Paired with a reliable network like T-Mobile, this setup will ensure quick access to essential info right on your phone.

Interactive Entertainment is a Tap Away 

Whether you share your smartphone with your children or you give them their own dedicated devices like kid-friendly tablets and gaming systems, the latest technology makes it easy to load up on safe, educational entertainment options for a long drive or flight. Make the most of your devices by choosing a few new games right before you leave. Don’t unveil these fresh picks until you’re on the road, so kids have something brand-new to play with when you need to keep them entertained the most.

Smart Splitters Share the Fun

If you have more than one child in your family, you’re probably familiar with the phenomenon of children always wanting what their siblings have. Let everyone share in the fun on a single device with a headphone splitter. Eliminate the squabble of turn-taking and let your children watch the same movie together on one screen. Just provide a separate set of headphones for each child and use the splitter to let them listen at once while your environment remains blissfully noise-free.

With the right devices, you can travel comfortably with children, minimizing the fuss that often accompanies younger travelers. Fill your travel kit with these essentials and start planning your itinerary.

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