Wednesday 12 October 2016

Hama bead coaster designs for Halloween

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As you'll know I love crafting with Hama beads, and any seasonal occasion is an excuse for me to break them out and see what I can come up with. Halloween is no exception, and so today I'm sharing the Hama bead coasters that I made - perfect for popping under drinks at your Halloween party, or just if you are feeling in the mood for a spooky atmosphere!

How to make Halloween Hama bead coasters

All these designs are made using the small circular pegboard. If you have a large circular board you could make them slightly larger by increasing the number of rounds used as a border. This size is perfect for coasters. It's also a really easy size and shape for very little ones to work with, so if you have a younger child you could just provide them with the pegboard and a selection of beads in suitable, spooky colours and see what they come up with.

The glow in the dark Hama beads are great for creating and enhancing some of these designs, I used them for the spider's web and they'd also work really well for the skull or the borders. Have fun creating!

Hama bead Halloween coasters

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Hama bead witches for Halloween

A Hama bead witch display - this simple display uses the witches that I made above along with a battery tea light candle to really show them off in a glittery shoebox lid background.

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Hama bead napkin rings for Halloween

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