Sunday, 9 October 2016

Review - Disney Castle 3D Puzzle from Ravensburger

We were recently sent the Disney Castle 3D Puzzle (affiliate link) from Ravensburger to review. It's a 216 piece jigsaw puzzle with a suggested age range of 12-99 years, and the finished model is a beautiful Disney castle, decorated with more than 100 Disney characters depicted in scenes across the sides and turrets.

Disney Castle 3D Puzzle from Ravensburger

The finished castle is a large model, about 45 x 27 x 49 cm when built, and there is a huge amount of detail. Characters peek out from behind doors, and there is plenty to see at each window. The characters are grouped by theme, for example this corner features Pixar characters...

Disney Castle 3D Puzzle from Ravensburger

...and the princesses can be found dancing around the base of the castle. Classic Disney characters like Mickey Mouse and his friends can be found above the main entrance and some of the more villainous characters are relegated to the back of the castle. 

Disney Castle 3D Puzzle from Ravensburger

The puzzle is assembled with the help of a detailed instruction booklet, and it's definitely one that is aimed at the more experienced jigsaw assembler. The 216 actual jigsaw pieces only form the central rectangular part of the castle - the turrets, sides of the towers and so on are formed from moulded plastic pieces which are slotted into position. The jigsaw pieces themselves are numbered on the back, and so it's not too difficult to work out how to fit them together. For an extra challenge you can ignore the numbers and assemble by eye or by using the picture in the instruction book. All the jigsaw pieces are made from strong plastic and there are hinged pieces to form the corners.

Disney Castle 3D Puzzle from Ravensburger

The finished model is really sturdy, and can easily be moved around without breaking. It has large balconies and a portcullis gate, and Mia enjoyed playing inside it with some of her little toys. Because some of the pieces are quite large the storage box is also fairly big. 

It's a really lovely design for a Disney fan to put together, and we'll certainly be leaving it assembled for a little while so that we can appreciate all the detailing in the finished product. 

Disney Castle 3D Puzzle from Ravensburger

I received this puzzle in exchange for a review. Amazon links are affiliate.

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