Monday 17 October 2016

Hama bead crafts for Halloween

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I love crafting with Hama beads, and I'm always looking out for a seasonal excuse to come up with some new ideas. Halloween Hama bead designs are a lot of fun, and also a great way to repurpose some of your existing pegboards and use them in a slightly different way. I've rounded up some of my favourite Hama bead designs and projects with a Halloween theme.

Halloween Hama bead craft designs

The Hama bead house pegboard is a really versatile pegboard anyway, and we've come up with lots of different Hama bead house designs. But one of my favourites is our spooky Hama bead Halloween house, complete with bats and pumpkins.

Halloween Hama bead house

Of course, you could always step it up a gear, and I have seen some amazing examples of 3D Hama bead Halloween houses. Like this incredible large 3D Haunted House from Hama beads - there are no instructions although you could probably work it out from the photos - what a lot of beads you'd need though!

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Another pegboard that we repurposed with a Halloween theme was the Hama bead Princess pegboard - instead of pretty princesses we made some scary Hama bead witches! You can really let your imagination run wild as the template is very versatile, instead of a crown you can make a horned helmet, and you can make dresses in different lengths to show off some traditional stripy tights.

Hama bead witches for Halloween

The finished witches make a great display by themselves, or else you can make them their own Halloween Hama bead witch display using a shoebox lid, black paint, plenty of glitter and a battery powered tea light candle. These would be fun to display inside a window to amuse trick or treaters.

Hama bead witch Halloween display

If you are hosting a Halloween party then you can use Hama beads to make some fab decorations. Penny from Penny Blogs made some fantastic Hama bead pumpkin bunting as well as lots of other Hama bead Halloween crafts. The pumpkins look great all lined up in a row.

Halloween Hama bead pumpkins

If you are serving drinks, these Halloween Hama bead coasters would provide a nice finishing touch, and their really simple design means that even very young children can be involved in making them - even if you just give them a pile of beads in Halloween colours and let them fill up a small circular pegboard however they like.

Halloween coasters from Hama beads

Finally, when it comes to serving the food, why not provide your guests with Halloween Hama bead napkin rings for their serviettes. These curved designs look fab, and are really easy to make by bending your design while it is still warm.

Halloween Hama bead napkins

I hope that you liked my ideas and that they have inspired you in some Halloween Hama bead crafting!

If you enjoy crafting with Hama beads you can find all my Hama bead designs on my Hama bead page.

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