Thursday 13 October 2016

Autumn and Halloween crafts from Baker Ross 2016

The seasons have definitely changed, there's a chill in the air, and we are well into Autumn now. To keep us busy, I have received another fab box of crafts from Baker Ross with a great selection of Autumn and Halloween crafts to do with the children. As always there are some lovely ideas and the kits are brilliantly priced, making them ideal for both crafting with your own children and for play dates and parties. Here's what we've been working on:

Autumn and Halloween crafts with Baker Ross

Autumn crafts

We started with these lovely Autumn Cross Stitch Bookmark Kits. I must admit I wasn't sure that the children were quite old enough, and so I was delighted when Harry (7) picked it up immediately and Mia (5) wasn't far behind! I do love cross stitch, and these little kits are the perfect introduction to the craft. The bookmarks have large holes in a simple grid design and because the areas to be stitched are quite small the children didn't get bored, in fact having finished one they were clamouring to do another one! The designs are really sweet and come with plenty of thread. I think at just 69p each they represent fantastic value for money! To colour in the bookmarks we used these Fab Fibre Tip Pens, at a great price for felt pens in a lovely range of colours.

Autumn and Halloween crafts with Baker Ross

Next up was these Owl Jewel Decoration Kits. This is a really simple craft, and very easy for even the youngest crafters as all the pieces are self-adhesive so you don't need to worry about any glue mess. They are so sweet and look lovely hanging up in our kitchen window!

Then we moved onto the Leaf Sand Art Decorations. I'm always a bit wary of any craft involving sand, but having tried out several of the Baker Ross sand art crafts I've been converted! These sand art kits use a self adhesive printed design, and you peel away a different part of the image at a time to sprinkle on the sand and press it down to cover all the adhesive. The sand sticks firmly and remains in the area that you've chosen for it, producing a really bright and colourful finished product.

Autumn and Halloween crafts with Baker Ross

Halloween crafts

Perhaps not strictly Halloween, but these sweet little Day of the Dead Colour-in Mini Gift Bags are perfect for little treats, or carrying about your treasures. These would be great as party favours that children could colour in at the party and then fill with sweets to take home.

This Halloween Dotty Art is a brilliant activity for after school, or whenever children need a bit of quiet time with minimal intervention. There are coloured stickers in three different sizes and eight different designs with circles that need to be filled with the stickers. This kept my children busy for ages, and because there are several sheets of stickers in each colour there were plenty to go around and they weren't fighting over them.

I also love the Haunted House Photo Frame Magnet Kits. Again, all the pieces are self-adhesive, so you don't need any glue, and there is very little mess. They'd be ideal for the fridge or radiator, and although my children made Happy Halloween signs to go inside they'd also be great with a photograph of the child as a Halloween gift.

Autumn and Halloween crafts with Baker Ross

Finally we made some Halloween Pom Pom Decoration Kits. The children didn't really have the patience for pom pom making last time we tried, but this time they both got on really well with it and were very pleased with the result. The pom pom decorations are very sweet and they will look fab hanging from our Halloween tree. I found that it was quicker to make the pom poms if I doubled up the yarn, and so it didn't take too long to finish them.

I received these products as a member of the Baker Ross Bloggers Network.

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