Friday 7 October 2016

Crafting is my Therapy October 2016

Welcome to October's Crafting is my Therapy linky, the place for you to share your crafty progress from the last month. Last month we had lots of lovely crafty posts linked up, and it's so lovely to see such a variety of different projects.

As always, my regular crafting project for this month has been my Sky Blanket. I'm very proud of it, although it's looking enormous now! It's definitely going to need a border to even out the wonky edges and I can see it taking me a couple of hours to crochet each round! Here's how it looks so far, and you can read about it here - My Sky Blanket in September.

Sky Blanket progress in September

I'm still very much enjoying working on it, although I must admit that it is becoming a little unwieldy now and I'm tending to work on a few days at a time as it's quite a hassle to keep unfolding it and folding it back up again. I've already started planning my next crochet blanket, although I think that the next project will be on a much smaller scale!


  1. Goodness! Your sky blanket is getting huge!! I know someone who made a granny square in the colour of the sky on each day & them put them altogether at the end. That might drive you mad though...sewing 365 squares together #craftingismytherapy

    1. It is getting enormous, possibly a little too large! Granny squares might have been better with hindsight, as long as it was a design that could be sewed together as I went along!

  2. Wow what a big project! It looks wonderful :) #craftingismytherapy


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