Thursday 27 October 2016

Book review - Marvellous Moone Boy and the Marvellous Activity Manual

Martin Moone, also known as Moone Boy, is eleven years old and fed up with being the only boy in a family full of girls. So when his best friend suggests that get an imaginary friend (IF for short) he decides to give it a go. This funny collection of books is based on the television show Moone Boy, starring Chris O'Dowd.

The first book, Moone Boy: The Blunder Years (affiliate link), introduces Martin and his first attempts at finding an imaginary friend. The story continues in Moone Boy 2: The Fish Detective (affiliate link) and in Moone Boy: The Marvellous Activity Manual (affiliate link), written from the point of view of Sean 'Caution' Murphy, Martin Moone's BIF (Best Imaginary Friend) the reader can take part in a variety of games, puzzles, jokes and crafts to find their very own Imaginary Friend.

The Marvellous Activity Manual is divided into seven Yections - a Yection being a small section of the year. There are seven Yections, and as part of the blog book tour I was challenged to complete one of the activities in Yection 4 - Golden Days, the part of the year from the 20th May to the end of the school term. There's a fun multiple choice quiz, a comic story, and a Moone Dictionary with lots of Irish slang. The activity is Whif Whist - to help with the research for creating your own imaginary friend you can make some score cards to see which characteristics you'd most like in your own IF.

I made up some simple blank cards for Harry and then printed out a page of cartoon faces - you could also draw your own or use pictures cut from a magazine. Then he chose a face, came up with a name, and wrote down the key information about his potential Imaginary Friend - Age, Special Skills and Hobbies, giving each characteristic a score. We backed the cards with thin cardboard. He had great fun making the cards, and then when there were finished we were able to play the game with them!

Book review - Marvellous Moone Boy and the Marvellous Activity Manual

These books are a lot of fun. They are amusing, and written in a style that will definitely appeal to young readers. The text is interspersed with cartoons and diagrams, and there is a lot of humour. Perfect for Harry!

I received copies of these books to review. Amazon links are affiliate.

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