Monday 10 October 2016

Firework display in a box decoration for Bonfire Night

How to make a firework display in a box

You need:

Bostik White Glu
Blu Tack Glitter Pens
A shallow cardboard box (for example a shoebox)
Black paint
Glittery paper or card
Orange feathers and/or orange, red and yellow tissue paper
Star stickers
Glittery pom poms


Remove the top flaps from the box. You may need to tape the bottom flaps down inside the box to hold them in place securely. Then paint the box black, both inside and outside.

When the paint is dry, use the Blu Tack glitter pens to add some extra sparkle to the inside and outside of the box. I find the best way to use the pens over a larger area is to squeeze them out onto a palette (I use old margarine tub lids) and use a brush to apply generously. I went for blobs of colour to look like fireworks, but you could go for a more general sprinkling.

Gluing with Bostik glitter glue

Glue your sparkly firework things to the inside and outside of the box using plenty of Bostik White Glu to stick it all down securely, especially on the pom poms.

Crafting with Bostik White Glu

You can make rockets by cutting shapes from glittered card and using orange feathers or ripped up tissue paper to make flames at the bottom. Make sure that you leave them to dry before placing them inside the box.

Firework display in a box

When it's all arranged and stuck down, place your firework display somewhere prominent and enjoy!

Firework display in a box craft

If you are inspired to have some more firework fun why not try making a Firework Sensory Tub.

The box of craft materials was provided to me free of charge by Bostik as part of the Tots100/Bostik Craft Bloggers Club.

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