Friday 21 March 2014

Displaying those finished Hama bead projects

If you're a regular reader then you'll know how much we like our Hama beads in this family. You can find many of our Hama bead projects here! But it can be difficult to know what to do with all the melted plastic creations that are produced, so I thought I'd share a few ways that we've used to display our finished Hama bead crafts, both mine and the children's!

How to display your finished Hama bead projects

A little while ago I made lots of Hama bead houses. I really like the house pegboard, because it's very versatile and you can vary the design of the house a lot. The finished houses are now lined up along the skirting board in Mia's room to make a little town, enhanced by a rainbow and a car.

How to display your finished Hama bead projects

Harry helped me to arrange them, and decided to continue the theme in his own room with some of his favourite flowers and other creations. I think they look really pretty, bright and colourful, and they can be moved around and rearranged as the mood takes him. I'm thinking about a seasonal display for next Christmas too, so we might make some Christmas trees and other decorations. Perhaps even a Nativity scene. So many possibilities!

How to display your finished Hama bead projects

Another wall decoration is my Hama bead heart hanging display which I made for Valentine's Day, although it's still hanging up on the wall! I think it's really sweet and a bit different. You could display all sorts of shapes, flowers would look pretty or perhaps a row of different vehicles or animals for a child's room. They are a great way of filling a long narrow space in a room.

Hama bead hanging heart decoration

A similar project is my Hama bead hair clip holder. Also using ribbon and with a Hama bead creation sewn to the top and bottom, it's a lovely and pretty way to organise hair clips.

Hama bead hair clip holder

We have a round Hama bead pegboard, which is great for making coasters. Mia has been playing with Hama beads since she was only just 2, and can competently fill a shape with the beads. It's fantastic for her fine motor skills (obviously toddlers this young should be very carefully watched when using Hama beads as they are very small) and has helped her with her colour recognition. She has produced many randomly coloured circles, and although I don't iron them all it's nice to have a few to use as coasters. I also made some Halloween Hama bead coasters to use at that time of the year!

Hama bead Halloween coaster designs

Also for Halloween, a couple of years ago we made some Halloween Hama bead witches. The following year I recycled them into some Halloween frame decorations made with shoebox lids painted black and a battery powered tea light at the bottom to make some Halloween witch displays.

Hama bead Halloween witch display with battery tea light candles

Harry remains very proud of his Hama bead aquarium which we made on Under the Sea Day. It's really simple and I think that it looks good. I'm thinking about extending the idea with a similar sort of frame made from paper plates with other objects hanging inside. The paper plate frame is just the right depth for a hanging Hama bead picture and can be decorated in all sorts of ways, great for some seasonal crafting.

Hama bead aquarium paper plate craft

We've also used finished Hama bead shapes to make bunting, like this Hama bead snowflake bunting, another Christmas craft which could be adapted for different celebrations. I like the idea of making bunting using different letters to spell out a name or a greeting like Happy Birthday. 

Hama bead snowflake Christmas bunting

Finally now that I've started having a play with mini Hama beads myself I'm still coming up with ways to display my miniature creations. My favourite so far is these mini Hama bead plant markers, so colourful and pretty!

Mini Hama bead plant markers craft

How do you display all your Hama bead creations? I'd love to hear your ideas!

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