Monday 31 March 2014

Making chocolate Easter Eggs

I've long been fascinated by the idea of making my own Easter Eggs. When I was little we had some Easter Egg moulds, but I just couldn't imagine how you used them to make the chocolate eggs. So when I was offered an Easter Egg making kit it seemed like the perfect opportunity to give it a go.

The kit that I was sent is the Make Your Own Chocolate Egg kit from Choconchoc which contains everything that you need. I must admit that I was a little daunted by the process, but we gave it a good go!

It was Harry that suggested that we use some white chocolate as well, and as we had some white chocolate buttons in the house we melted some of those down first and put a few splodges into each mould. Then we moved onto the milk chocolate and melted down a good batch to fill the moulds. You need to put the chocolate into the mould and then swirl it around to coat it. Then place into the fridge to set. You need to put in several layers of chocolate, we ended up with three thick layers in the end. You also need to make sure to place the mould face down in the fridge so that the chocolate runs right to the edges of the mould.

Making our own chocolate Easter Eggs

Because you need to wait for each layer to harden before you add the next there is a little bit of hanging around, fortunately you still have a bowl of melted chocolate to keep you busy! The photograph of Mia above was taken at the beginning of the session, by the end there wasn't much Peppa visible on her top!

Making our own chocolate Easter Eggs

The chocolate eggs popped out of the moulds quite easily after they'd been in the fridge for a little while. The edges were a bit rough though as I hadn't smoothed them off properly, so I evened them up a bit with a knife. Then I pressed them against baking paper on a hot baking tray to smooth them off even more, and then pressed the two halves together. It was a lot simpler than I was expecting! We used more melted chocolate to add the face decorations.

Making our own chocolate Easter Eggs

You may notice that one of the Easter Eggs has an improvised mouth. This is because my husband got to the jelly sweets before we did! We also had enough chocolate to make another couple of eggs. It was a lot easier the second time round, perhaps this is a thriftier way to celebrate Easter in the future!

I was sent an Easter Egg kit by Stay In to make my own chocolate Easter Eggs, although with no obligation to blog about it, I just wanted to share the fun that we had!


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