Tuesday 11 March 2014

Spring Crafting with Baker Ross

A couple of weeks ago, I wrote about some of the fantastic goodies that we received from Baker Ross so that we could enjoy some Mother's Day crafting - Crafting for Mother's Day with Baker Ross. This week we've been putting the other bits and pieces that we received to good use and enjoying some Spring crafting, very appropriate as the weather has really brightened up recently with some lovely sunshine.

We started with a simple Daffodil Wreath. You just need to glue the foam pieces together to make a really pretty and cheerful foam daffodil wreath. There weren't any instructions but it was easy enough to work out and with a bit of help from me Harry was able to put it together. I had some tacky glue which helped because you do need to make sure that the centres of the daffodils are stuck firmly together and don't pop open. It looks so good and is such nice quality that I'll be packing it away to display in future years!

Next, we are starting to think about planting some seeds ready for Spring, so these Design Your Own Flowerpots arrived with perfect timing. Each pot comes with two pre-printed and one blank insert that you can colour in and customise as you like, then just slot the pot together with the insert inside. They are very sturdy and could be used year after year, perhaps making a new insert each time. We added some stickers to ours to spell out the children's names so they knew who had planted which seeds. They are for indoor use only so we've planted them up with some basil which we are always using in cooking. With a houseplant in they would also make a lovely gift.

We were also sent a large bag of brightly coloured Coloured Wooden Craft Sticks. I decided to have a go at something which I've seen in various places online, a lollipop stick bird feeder. I took inspiration from the one that I found here - Popsicle Stick Bird Feeder - but it was very easy to make. You need a double layer of sticks for the base, I found that eleven sticks made a base the correct size, and then just build up the walls with a dab of strong glue on the corners. In total we used 50 sticks, so we have plenty left over for more crafting! Then we filled it with bird seed and hung it up from our summer house. It is in a fairly sheltered spot, I'm not sure how well it would hold up if it was in a more exposed position, but it definitely brightens up that corner of the garden.

Baker Ross crafts for Spring

Harry also used some of the sticks along with a pack of fabric petals to create some Spring decorations for the house. We also made some Spring headbands. I made the headbands using a circle of pastel coloured card, and then the children glued the fabric petals around the outside to decorate. Making hats and crowns is always a hit activity in this house for some reason!

Baker Ross crafts for Spring

I received these products as a member of the Baker Ross Bloggers Network.

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