Sunday 30 March 2014

Sponsored post - How to ensure babies get a good night's sleep

Any parent will agree that sleeping patterns will be completely disrupted when a newborn baby comes along. While it’s true that babies sleep a lot during the day (averaging around 17hours!), the chances of these hours being in large blocks of time, not to mention during the night, are slim to none. Unfortunately, it’s one of those things that new parents will just have to get used to, and even those that love their sleep will cope. It’s certainly not easy, but soon enough, your baby will settle into a routine that suits both of you, giving the household a pleasant night’s sleep time after time. Until then, there are a few little pieces of advice that may come in handy, to try and ensure the best night’s sleep possible for baby and, indirectly, you.

Make sure they’re comfortable 

Ensure that you have a good selection of sleepsuits and baby grows, so that they will be comfortable no matter what the weather is like outside. It’s a little cooler at the moment, so a sleepsuit may be more advisable, but as the weather heats up and the summer months arrive a babygrow would be much more cooler for them.

Cotton clothing will be the most comfortable option, too, as it’s more breathable and kinder to babies’ skin. Take a look at the George at ASDA’s baby grows and sleepsuits which provide excellent value for money.

Keep an optimum temperature 

You can find room thermometers in the shops that can help you to determine the temperature in your baby’s room, but other than that, you can use your thermostat to ensure that their room isn’t too hot. It’s better for the room to be cooler, rather than too hot, to prevent baby from overheating. After all, if it’s a little cool in their room you can keep them warm with blankets and sleepsuits, whereas, if it’s too hot, there’s little you can do to ensure they remain comfortable.

The optimum temperature for a baby’s room is 18C, but anywhere within a range of 16C and 20C is ideal.

Develop a bedtime routine 

Introducing a bedtime routine is essential so that they can learn to relax and sleep. Something as simple as dinner, bath, and bed is enough in the beginning. Even newborn babies can benefit from consistency.


It doesn’t work for all babies, but some love the security of swaddling and will settle far easier if they’re swaddled than if they’re not.

White noise 

In the beginning, baby may sleep better if there’s white noise that they can hear. They’re used to being in the womb, where it’s never silent, so a little noise may help. Something as simple as radio static can help them to adjust to life outside mum’s tummy.

Create the perfect environment 

Dark, quiet and no distractions – at night-time, their room is to sleep in, and the calmer and more soothing it is, the better.

Comfort and relaxation are two of the most important aspects that you can master to ensure that your little ones have the best sleep possible. Naturally, a newborn will take time to sleep through the night and that’s something you’ll just have to deal with, but it will get better – we promise!

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