Monday 16 January 2017

Mini Hama bead hearts for Valentine's Day

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I've not used my mini Hama beads for a while, so I thought that I'd pull them out and make some tiny Hama bead hearts for Valentine's Day. Each heart measures just under 2cm at the widest point, so they are very small. They would be great for sticking a cocktail stick to the back to make some Valentine's Day cake toppers, similar to my mini Hama bead Easter cake toppers. You could also use them as embellishments for homemade cards or gifts, or just scatter them about for decoration at a Valentine's Day party.

How to make mini Hama bead heart decorations

My mini Hama beads came from a pack of mini Hama beads in mixed colours (affiliate link) which contained lots of beads, plenty for all the projects that I've completed so far and I still have loads left. You will also need a special pegboard for the mini beads like this mini Hama bead square pegboard (affiliate link) and some ironing paper (or you can just use baking paper). The mini Hama beads are tiny and are very difficult to place with your fingers, so tweezers are also essential.

I used a simple design for my Hama bead hearts which you can see below, and I fitted nine hearts onto the small square pegboard. The mixed bag of beads contains a wide selection of colours so I was able to mix the colours up a little bit and create a variety of different designs.

How to make mini Hama bead heart decorations

When ironing the mini Hama beads, you need to make sure that you are using your iron at the lowest temperature setting and be very careful not to over iron. You can see a demonstration of the ironing process in the tutorial video at the bottom of this post.

I used some of these little Hama bead hearts to make some mini heart pin badges. You just need to buy something like these butterfly clutch pins (affiliate link) and stick them firmly to the back of the hearts. A lovely Valentine's accessory for your coat or bag!

Mini Hama bead heart pin badges

I'm really pleased with my tiny hearts! What would you use them for?

How to make mini Hama bead heart decorations

I have demonstrated how I made these mini Hama bead hearts, from the initial placing of the beads to ironing the design, in a video on my YouTube channel. I hope that you like it!

I've used Hama beads to make lots of other Valentine's Day themed crafts, and you can find them all here - Hama bead crafts for Valentine's Day.

They include:

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Mini Hama bead hearts

Valentine's Day themed crafts using Hama beads

I've also used my mini Hama beads for lots of other crafty projects around the home. In my plant pots you can find mini Hama bead plant markers, and I also made this little Russian doll tiled picture with mini Hama beads. At Easter I made some tiny Easter egg cake toppers, and I also created a selection of mini Hama bead designs using the beads from my mixed pack.

You can find all my Hama bead blog posts on my Hama beads page.

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