Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Decorated wooden heart magnets

Now that Christmas is well and truly over my thoughts are turning to Valentine's Day crafting, and I'm surrounded by pink and red sparkly things and embellishments! I have lots of crafty ideas to share, and I'm starting off with these simple decorated wooden hearts. They have a magnet on the back so they can be used to decorate the fridge or radiator, and they also make a lovely little gift for a child to send to his or her Valentine.

Decorated wooden heart magnets for Valentine's Day

To make these hearts I used some blank wooden heart magnets from Baker Ross which I received as a Baker Ross blogger a few years ago. You can also find similar blank wooden hearts to decorate in many places online, which you could easily stick a magnet to.

Decorated wooden heart magnets for Valentine's Day

First I painted the hearts red. You can use acrylic paint for a nice finish, or else just a couple of coats of children's poster paints works well. Then we spread the hearts liberally with PVA glue and stuck on a variety of embellishments - jewels, sequins, pom poms, buttons and so on.

Both Mia and Harry decided that they wanted to make a face, and I went with a pattern. Mia wanted to keep hers but Harry has decided to give his decorated heart to his sweetheart. He also used some Posca pens to write a little message to her on the back, I hope that she likes it!

Decorated wooden heart magnets for Valentine's Day

You can find more heart themed ideas for young children here - Heart Crafts and Activities


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  2. Well. Now that I have some of my own, I can make my own Valentine's Day hearts!! Thank you so much for the wonderful box of craft goodies. Can't wait to get stuck in! Sx


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