Monday 2 January 2017

Update on my 2016 crafting, and crafty plans for 2017

At the beginning of 2016 I wrote all about my crafting plans for the year ahead, so I thought that I'd post a little bit of an update and have a think about what I want to achieve this year.

My big craft project for this year was my Sky Blanket, and I'm pleased to say that I kept pretty well on top of it, completing each month up to date if not each day. We were away over New Year and so I didn't have a triumphant New Year's Eve final row crochet session, but the daily rows at least will be finished within a few days of the new year beginning. It's a project that will continue well into 2017 though, as it's going to need a large, wide border to even it out. Look out for the final update blog post, but in the meantime here's how it looked at the end of November!

Sky Blanket in progress

My other large project this year was my crochet granny square blanket, which I finished quite early on. It was hard work sewing all the squares together and making the wide border, but I'm really pleased with it, especially the scalloped edging.

Granny Square blue crochet blanket

I'm afraid to say that the other projects I was planning to complete didn't get done. My Sky Blanket ended up taking up most a lot of my available crafting time, and along with the other projects that cropped up along the way I didn't manage to get to them!

So I'm starting the year with the main focus on the Sky Blanket before I lose momentum. When it's finished I'll be picking up my sadly neglected crochet project - the Attic24 Pink Bunting. Once I get going with it I don't think it will take me very long to complete as the pattern is quite quick and easy. I'm not sure yet where it will go, I'm hoping that Mia might like it for her room as it's very pink and girly.

I'm not sure that I'm ready for another big project just yet, but I would love to have a go at another one of the Attic24 kits, especially one of the blankets, as I think that they are very reasonably priced (you can see the shop here at Wool Warehouse). But I've made three blankets now, so perhaps it's time to move onto something else!

On a whim in Ikea the other week I picked up a white Ikea Ribba frame. I initally bought it with the intention of using it for my mini Hama bead Russian Doll picture. But I'd also quite like to make some kind of framed beach themed picture using shells or sea glass so I might gather some inspiration for making one. I've already pinned a few ideas on my By The Sea Pinterest board!

I've also neglected the mini Hama beads lately and I'd love to get back into using them for something, perhaps another little mosaic picture. I spent ages sorting them all by colour so it's a shame not to be using them!

What are your crafty plans for the year ahead?

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