Friday, 10 February 2017

Hama bead crafts for Valentine's Day

I share lots of different Hama bead crafts on my blog, and my favourite ones are those which are inspired by different celebrations that I can use to decorate the house. So here is a roundup of my Valentine's Day themed Hama bead crafts, click on the links to see the full tutorial.

Valentine's Day crafting with Hama beads - lots of projects

My first Valentine's Day Hama bead heart craft was this Valentine's Day hanging decoration. The hearts are made using the small heart pegboard and sewn to a length of ribbon, finished off with a button at the top. Perfect for a wall hanging in a narrow space.

Hama bead hanging heart decoration

Another hanging decoration is this spinning heart decoration which uses both the large and small Hama bead pegboards.

Spinning Valentine's Day Hama bead craft for children

When allowed to hang freely the central heart will spin around. It would also make a lovely decoration for outside! You can see it in action in the little video below.

I also used the large heart pegboard to make some Valentine's Day frames which can be used to display a photograph or drawing.

Hama bead heart frames for Valentine's Day

Finally I used the mini Hama beads to make some tiny Hama bead hearts.

Mini Hama bead heart decorations

These little hearts would make great embellishments for Valentine's Day cards, attach to cocktail sticks for cupcake toppers, or just sprinkle around as little decorations. You can see how I made them in the tutorial video below.

I love crafting with Hama beads because they really are great for all ages. Even the very youngest children are able to place the beads on to the board (under supervision of course to prevent any beads ending up where they shouldn't), and you can use their first projects as simple coasters. Over time they learn how to arrange the beads to produce different designs, from simple strips to more complex patterns. You can then use their finished pieces in many other crafts - you can see here some of the many ways that we display our finished Hama bead projects around the house.

I think I have just as much fun playing with the Hama beads as the children do, and the mini Hama beads are great for adults to produce some really intricate projects. Have fun creating!

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