Wednesday 22 February 2017

My new school run

Last September, the children started at a new school. It was quite a change for us all, but fortunately they have both settled really quickly and it has been a really positive move for both of them. We are so proud of how they are doing.

They have moved from a school which was within reasonable walking distance of our home to a school in a nearby town centre, so it's made a big difference to my school run. It means that I don't do nearly as much walking as I used to, and the school run involves battling the traffic - fortunately my husband does most of the drop offs in the morning, as I'm a nervous driver and I really don't enjoy it!

My new route has meant that I have discovered a new love for the beach, as I drive along the coast to town each day. I've started leaving early, parking up along the seafront, and taking myself off for a walk. After spending their first term mainly sitting at my desk and not doing nearly as much exercise as I should have been, I've really noticed a difference since January when I began aiming to walk 10,000 steps each day.

It's not the best time of year to be starting a walking habit, and it has been very cold outside over the last few weeks. But I've been pushing myself to make the effort and feeling much better for it.

Walking by the sea at Worthing

It's another really positive thing which has come from the new school, and I'm looking forward to the summer and lighter evenings when we can all stop off on the way home for some fresh air and beachcombing!

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