Monday, 13 February 2017

My completed crochet Sky Blanket

My completed crochet Sky Blanket

I'm thrilled to announce that my Sky Blanket 2016 is finally complete! It's been a long project but I've loved completing it and I'm so pleased with my lovely, enormous, snuggly blanket.

My completed crochet Sky Blanket

The final blanket measures 144cm in width (with a starting chain of 200 plus border) and 337cm in length including the border. The border is four rows wide, with half trebles down the sides and double crochet across the top and bottom, so the side border is very slightly wider. The blanket is mainly crocheted in half trebles, with the occasional row of trebles or mixed stitches.

My completed crochet Sky Blanket

Obviously the colours of yarn that you will need for a project like this will vary greatly depending on where in the world you live and the rules that you use for your blanket. I chose to stick with natural sky colours, and to add embellishments to represent special days and sky colours. This is the colour breakdown that I had for my typical year in the UK:

White (for snow and fog) - 5
Light blue - 125
Medium blue - 67
Light grey - 142
Dark grey - 23
Mixed colours - 4 = 366 rows (2016 was a leap year)

For the blanket I used Red Heart Detroit yarn which comes in 100g balls. I found that one ball allowed me to complete around 15 rows of half trebles. So I did get through quite a bit of yarn! I ended up with more grey rows than I was expecting, although looking at the colour breakdown there were more blue sky days overall. Of course the weather here is so mixed that on many days I could have used any of these colours in my blanket!

Here is how my blanket progressed throughout the year - JanuaryFebruaryMarchAprilMayJuneJulyAugust, September, October, November and December, and here's how it looked as it went along:

My completed crochet Sky Blanket

If you are interested in making your own Sky Blanket, I have written several posts which might help. I've shared some tips on completing a Sky Blanket, and what I would do differently next time. I have also included the blanket as a project on Ravelry, where you can find links to all my blog posts and progress pictures - Crochet Sky Blanket.

There was a group of us taking part in the Sky Blanket project throughout 2016, and you can find us across social media, in particular Instagram, using the hashtag #skyblanket2016. The project was started by Bug, Bird & Bee, The Boy and Me and You Little Sew and Sew.

My completed crochet Sky Blanket

With thanks to Make it Coats for providing me with the yarn for this project.


  1. What a fantastic project. The end result is brilliant. Well done x

  2. Thank you very much, I'm very proud of it :)


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