Monday 27 February 2017

The children and their blogs

The children have grown up with me working on my blog, and they are starting to understand what I do more and more. They love looking back through old blog posts, and they are especially appreciative if I receive something that they can help me to review.

A few months ago I suggested to Harry that he start his own blog, and Harry's Hobbies and Holidays was born. He's a fairly infrequent poster, but I love seeing how he describes events in his own words. He's learning to touch type at school, which I think is a very important skill. I can type very fast and it certainly helps me to get things done quickly! So any practice is good for him, and it's amazing to see how quickly his typing has come on.

Mia wanted to get on board as well, and so recently she started Mia's Blog. She had a lot of fun designing her header logo, and again I'm surprised by how quickly she can find her way around the keyboard to type out her posts.

Both the blogs are under my Blogger account, and any comments that they receive will go to my Inbox so I can keep an eye on them. They are thrilled when they receive a comment and they know that someone has read what they have written. They don't know how to access the blogs themselves yet, so they can't write posts without me knowing. I'm hoping to get them involved in writing reviews of their toys on their blogs and encouraging them to help me when I made videos for my YouTube channel - maybe one day they might be able to make a few pennies from their work!

Children blog headers

I always try to be mindful of the information that I share online, and so I encourage them to keep details vague and not to use their full names. Obviously I share their photos and some information about them on my own blog, although less as time goes on, and when they are older they may decide that they don't want to continue. But these days I think it's impossible to avoid having a digital footprint, and I think anything that encourages them to write has to be a good thing.

Do your children have blogs? I'd love to see them if you leave a link in the comments!

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