Thursday 22 August 2013

Review - Walkers Mighty Lights

We've been eating Walkers crisps in this household for years, in fact my husband is so devoted to the brand that they are usually the only crisps to be found in the cupboard. We do try to look for healthier options when it comes to snacks, so I was keen to try out the new Walkers Mighty Lights, 'Tasty ridged crisps with 30% less fat'.

Walkers Mighty Lights are available in three flavours and we were sent a multi-pack of each to try - Lightly Salted, Roast Chicken and Cheese & Onion. Although my veggie husband avoids meat flavoured products, all three flavours are suitable for vegetarians. The crisps are made from real potatoes with no artificial colours or preservatives, and they are a source of fibre.

Walkers Mighty Lights review

My husband and I do eat quite a lot of crisps. I will often have a pack with my lunch, and although I don't give the children a packet to themselves they will sometimes share mine with me. But even though I don't tend to offer the children crisps as snacks during the day at home, we do go on a lot of long day trips, and we always need to have plenty of snacks on hand to keep them going. Crisps are ideal because the children can eat them themselves.

We were pleasantly surprised by the taste of the Walkers Mighty Lights. We've had lower fat crisps before, but I think what makes these crisps stand out is the ridged texture, which really holds the flavour. All three flavours were very tasty, and we all enjoyed them. We also found that there were plenty in the packet which was nice, as crisp packets seem to contain fewer and fewer crisps lately!

The children also really liked the crisps. Although they don't have the appetite for a full pack, they eagerly joined in while we were eating them. I'm not sure if I'd include a pack in Harry's lunchbox only for the reason that his appetite is tiny and he probably wouldn't eat a whole pack. Mia on the other hand probably could eat a whole packet, she was certainly asking for more and more!

I'm used to eating Cheese & Onion crisps so it was nice to have a selection to choose from. I don't eat a lot of meat so I'd probably avoid the Roast Chicken, but the Lightly Salted were also very tasty.

Walkers Mighty Lights review

One thing that I did find when eating the crisps was that they tasted quite salty, and I do think it's important to remember that you do need to keep an eye on the amount of salt that young children are eating, especially if they are having lots of salty snacks in a day. So although Walkers Mighty Lights are in some ways a healthier option because they contain less fat, it's important to remember that they are not a healthy snack for children, just healthier than some other brands. Having said that, I'd still be happy for my children to snack on them from time to time, as long as they are balanced with plenty of other healthy snacks like fruit.

This is a paid review.

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